COVID 19 Safety Update

As we all know it's going to take a while to get back to some kind of normality so I would like to share with you what steps I will be taking to reassure you that when you come to your appointment you are in safe and clean hands!

Unless you have a carer please attend your appointment alone. It is essential that ALL clients wear a FACE COVER. If you do not have one I will have to cancel the appointment. I shall also wear a mask and a visor from greeting you at the door until after you leave as well as disposable gloves.

Antibacterial gel MUST be used on arrival.

Clients are not allowed to bring any food or drink onto the property. If water is required it must be from here.

I shall be providing paper hand towels should clients wish to use the bathroom.

Before and between appointments all door handles, doorbell, taps, lightswitches, bathroom will be wiped down as well as all work surfaces.

Due to the increased cost of PPE and being able to take on fewer clients a day clients will notice a small increase in the price of treatments. Please take a look at my Pricelist Page for details.

If you show any symptoms of any contagious illness please cancel your appointment as soon as possible.